The Naggalabi-Budo Coronation site was established back in the 14th Century and since then it has served as the place where Kings in the Buganda Kingdom are crowned. This site is where the unpopular King Bemba Musota was killed by Kintu 700 years ago. Kintu proclaimed himself as the King of Buganda at this site and it remains the only coronation site in Buganda Kingdom. It is said that no one can become King of Buganda without going through the rituals at Nagalabi coronation site.

Thirty-six kings have been crowned at this site, starting with Kabaka Chwa Nabaka. It is said that it started after two princes, Kintu and Bemba, fought for the kingship in the 14th Century on this hilltop.Bemba first attacked Kintu whom he ousted, but later Kintu re-organised his army, attacked and killed Bemba. Bemba’s head was cut off and buried at the spot of the anthill, where the king sits during his crowning. This act signified that Kintu had won the battle.

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